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Have Fun in Buddies Play!

Buddies Play is a fun, exciting, stimulating place for soft play in Lancashire. There is a range of great facilities and equipment, but it doesn't stop there. At Brew Learn Centre, just upstairs, I have put together a friendly, dedicated team of qualified teachers ready to help your children in any way they can. There are great work and play session deals on offer, so your children can learn first and be rewarded with play afterwards, setting a great precedent to follow for the rest of their lives! Creating great facilities and spaces for parents too was extremely important to me, so there is a lovely café where you can catch up with friends and relax.

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For Children


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Endless Fun

If you are looking for a new and exciting place for your children to play then this soft play in Lancashire is perfect for you. There are storeys filled with obstacles, slides, ball pits and more, so your children have all the tools they need to let their imaginations go wild!

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Every precaution has been taken to ensure the soft play area is completely safe for your children. 

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The open plan layout means your children will never have to worry about your whereabouts. They'll see you at all times, which gives them the freedom to play and socialise with new friends without holding back.

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Enjoyment for Everyone

I created this unique space for soft play in Lancashire with a range of ages in mind. So, you can be sure anybody from ages 0-9 will love the range of equipment and obstacles they can play on.

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For Parents



Sit back and indulge in the wonderful healthy food and drink options available at the café, whilst your children enjoy the endless fun the soft play area has to offer. You can rest assured they are safe, happy and always in your sight, so enjoy your brew in peace!

Meet Other Parents

As the only soft play area in Burscough, Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre is a great place to meet other parents, or catch up with friends you already have. 

Much More to Come…

I always want to ensure Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre guarantees a great trip out for parents too. That's why I am looking to expand the facilities offered for parents even more. I have been having exciting conversations with other local businesses, like beauticians and masseuses, so mums and dads, stay tuned!






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Great Value

Entrance to Buddies Play is great value for money at just £5.75 for a session. At Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre, it's always easy for both you and your children to have an enjoyable trip out, at a very low cost.

Amazing Party Packages

Checkout the amazing party deals and packages on offer, to make your child's day extra special. Soft play, food, friends, free refreshments for parents, what more could you want?

This soft play in Lancashire is undoubtedly unlike any you have been to before. Why settle for anything less than a space perfect for both parents and children? Come and visit Brew and Buddies Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre in Burscough today!

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