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Work in the Brew Learn Centre!

Why Use Us?

Getting close attention from teachers is really essential to ensure your children are progressing as much as possible, but with the ever-changing school agendas, this is sometimes difficult to do. At Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre, I wanted to give parents an easy, fun way to guarantee their kids are getting the support they need. Your children can enjoy soft play in Lancashire, whilst also being able to get expert tutoring from our experienced, qualified teachers, in whatever session size you choose.




One to One Tuition

Benefits of One to One Tuition

One to one tuition is an excellent option for quickly and effectively advancing your children’s learning. My teachers can adapt their methods to best suit your children’s needs, as we have professional teachers with expertise in a range of subjects and specialisms. We are offering a free 20-minute consultation with every student, so we can best suit your needs, making for a unique and individual learning experience for everyone. 

Pricing for 1:1 Tuition

One to one tuition sessions cost £23 per hourly session.

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Small Group Tuition

Benefits of Small Group Tuition

Small group tuition sessions are for up to three children. These small class sizes ensure your children still get a lot of time and attention from experienced teachers, but at a slightly lower price than private tuition sessions and in a more social setting. Every child is different and some learn better when accompanied by peers, so why not give it a go?


Our small group tuition classes for up to three children cost £18 per hourly session.

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Larger Class Sizes

The option of a discounted, larger class depends on if there is enough demand. If you want to increase the odds, bring your friends and their children along too! Our maximum class size is 15 students.

Benefits of Large Class Tuition

In large classes, your children can learn surrounded by friends and peers and through working in groups. These sociable classes can be a great way to make new friends who they can learn with. My qualified, friendly team of teachers will ensure that every child comes away having learnt something.


Large class tuition sessions come at the amazing value of just £15 per hourly session.

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Mix Work and Play!

Reward Their Hard Work

It is great to get your children into a routine whereby hard work is rewarded with play. This creates a positive feedback loop, encourages learning and most importantly, ensures your children leave with a smile on their face! Bring your children to do their homework with a qualified teacher for 45 minutes and afterwards they will get a snack, juice and 45 minutes to have fun at the best soft play in Lancashire!

Amazing Value

Work and play sessions come at the unbeatable value of £10 per child. This includes 45 minutes of doing homework with a qualified teacher on hand to help, 45 minutes of soft play, a snack and juice – a perfect way to learn and play.

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More to Come…

There are lots of new, exciting events coming soon. From educational holiday sessions to coursework catch ups, I am certain we will have a session that can benefit your child. For pre-schoolers, I am hoping to soon establish events like creative workshops and science shows, so make sure you stay tuned for our timetable of events!

Brew & Buddies Play & Learn Centre is designed as much for parents as it is for children, so your trip is guaranteed to be worthwhile for everyone. Come down to the best soft play in Lancashire today and see for yourself!


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